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Saw Blades  
Dull and damaged saw blades slow down your job and leave your finish cuts in poor condition.
We can replace missing teeth on those expensive carbide blades, returning them to an as sharp as new condition.
Lawn Mower Blades  
Sharp lawn mower blades will benefit you in many ways, with sharpening a fraction of the cost of replacement, reduced wear on your engine, faster cutting time and a healthier lawn because the grass blades will be cut instead of shattered from a dull blade.
Reel Mowers

We sharpen reel mowers and give them a complete tune up so that your grass is easy to cut when this is the mower of choice for small lots

Chain Saw
At under half the cost of NEW, have your chains sharpened. Chains can be sharpened many times.  When the chain stretches to far to adjust the tightness  we can remove a link to shorten the chain improving fit. 

Don't forget to have us true that bar for optimum cutting and chain support.
Bars get wider from the friction, resulting in the bar becoming wider than the chain cut kerf making them difficult to cut through logs and cut off at angles.
Hedge Trimmers
Some hedge trimmers require disassembly to sharpen, .
Ice Auger Blades
For half the cost of new blades, we sharpen your blades to make cutting through that ice easy.
Spend more time fishing with sharp as new blades.  Call for quote, will gladly work with mail services
Yard Tools
Sharpened shovels, hoes, trimmers, loppers and other yard and garden tools are a gardeners dream when working in the yard.  Why not have sharp tools for a fraction  of the cost of new tools
Woodworking Tools  
Bring all your wood working tools, I guarantee your satisfaction or you money back.  Sharpen all your drills, routers, planes, self feed drill bits, if it cuts- it gets dull, bring it in for a free estimate and sharpening that you wont be disappointed with.
Kitchen Tools  
What chief doesn't want a sharp knife, scissors and electric knife for preparing and finishing off that meal.  Bring me all your kitchen cutting tools, you will not be disappointed, I Guarantee it!